Constipation/Obstipation in Bearded Dragons

Constipation, which is the failure to produce feces, is a common condition in bearded dragons.  There are many possible causes including, but not limited to, dehydration, parasites, poor diet, an injury, infection, and tumors.

Arizona has a very dry environment and pet bearded dragons living here need to get much more water than they do in more humid parts of the country.  We recommend that bearded dragons get plenty of water to drink every day by gently misting them on the head and face until they have finished drinking.  Many bearded dragons don't like this misting while others may act thirsty within a few hours of drinking their fill.  For this reason, we recommend that all bearded dragons get a bath in shallow lukewarm water for about 30 minutes anywhere from once daily to once a week.  If a bearded dragon is getting these baths and is still constipation, it needs to be seen by a veterinarian.  Many constipated bearded dragons respond quite well to medical therapy if they are seen early.