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Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital is Arizona’s first and largest exotic pet exclusive veterinary hospital. It is a full-service hospital providing advanced medical, surgical, and boarding services. We are staffed with highly trained compassionate staff who have spent many years caring for a wide range of exotic pets. Basic wellness through advanced medical and surgical exotic pet veterinary care is available  7 days a week. The hospital features state-of-the-art equipment and technology throughout its 5000 square feet of space. 

Covered parking is available to reduce how hot your vehicle gets while you are at the hospital.





When you walk into the hospital you will notice what makes it different from many other hospitals. It is spacious and quiet! There are no barking dogs that are the background noise common in small animal hospitals. Sure, some of our parrot patients like to get loud once in a while, but as a rule our hospital is quiet and calm. The waiting room is furnished with comfortable couches and chairs & a variety of exotic pet magazines. We have a beverage bar where you can help yourself to tea, coffee and water.




Our hospital features state-of-the-art equipment and technology

  • We have an in-house laboratory so that we can rapidly provide you with many diagnostic test results when necessary.
  • We have high frequency x-ray machine that will take excellent radiographs of anything from a cockatiel to a large African spurred tortoise.
  • Our surgical suite features an endoscopy set that includes digital photography and video capacity. This allows us to diagnose and document many problems that would otherwise be undetectable without major surgery.  We'll provide you with a CD of the procedure as well as a color print-out so you can see what we saw.
  • We offer radiosurgery for many operations, a technology that causes less damage to tissues than laser surgery. This means less pain and a speedier recovery for your pet.
  • We have a wide variety of surgical tools designed specifically for exotic pets.
  • We provide dental care for small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas that need cheek teeth filing or extraction of abscessed teeth.
  • We have different hospital environments tailored to the specific needs of exotic pets including an Intensive Care Unit that is closely monitored by all of our staff.
  • Our pharmacy stocks amost every drug or medical supply your exotic pet will need--if we don't carry it, we will get it for you quickly.
  • We carry high quality diets and other items for your pets such as Harrison's Organic Bird Food and Oxbow Hay products.


Our Mesa hospital features an entire room devoted to exotic pet foods and supplements


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