Aquatic Animal Husbandry Form

Please fill this out before you bring your aquatic pet into our office. This will speed up the intake process and let us get to work sooner.

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General History
Visual/surgical/laid eggs?
(Tank, below-ground pond, above-ground pond, pool, etc.)
Ex 3ft x 1.5ft, 40 gal, etc?
If so, what kind?
If you do, do you use any additives or fertilizer in the tank?
If so, how do you condition your water (water conditioner, RO system, etc.)? If you use a commercial water conditioner, what is the brand? Do you perform regular water testing? How often?
Sponge filter, under gravel filter, waterfall filter, internal or external canister, sump, etc. How often do you change or replace your filter media?
How often do you gravel vacuum? How often and what percentage water change do you perform?
Outdoor Sunlight, Sunlight through window, fluorescent, LED, Halogen, Incandescent, etc. If using a fixture, when was the last time the bulb or fixture was changed/replaced? If using outdoor sunlight or sunlight through window, does the enclosure have direct sunlight access or is there shade and/or covering? What percentage of the day is the enclosure shaded/covered?
Do you use a heater or chiller?
Medical History
Please provide medication names, frequency and dose. If you're giving anything over the counter, what is the brand, frequency and dose?
If yes, when and what changed?
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