Boarding Services

Boarding Information

Are you planning a trip or going on vacation soon? Let us help ease your mind about your pet’s care while you’re away. Our highly trained and experienced staff will provide excellent care for your pet that is tailored to his or her specific needs. We have spacious enclosures for most of the different species of pets we see including birds, reptiles, hamsters, rats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and many more! If you feel your pet would be more comfortable in their own environment, you can bring your own cage to have us keep your pet in.Standard boarding care includes feeding, watering, changing cage bedding/cleaning the enclosure, and daily weight check. Our staff will monitor your pet’s activity and appetite and alert a veterinarian if there is any concern about their health. You are required to bring food for your pet for their duration of boarding dates. 

TLC – Our hospital offers TLC time where your pet can have one on one play time with a technician. The TLC time can be scheduled as one-time only, on specific days of your choosing, or up to twice daily. TLC time can be used for many different things that can help your pet feel more comfortable during their stay such as brushing, playing, exercise, or snuggling with a staff member.

Pellet Conversion – If your bird is on a seed-based diet and you want to convert to Harrison's Organic Pelleted Diet or a LaFeber’s diet, we can do that during your pet's stay. Please check with our staff to discuss the benefits of diet conversion and what the associated cost would be.

Medication Administration- We can administer medications to your pet during boarding. Please bring in all prescriptions your pet is currently taking. There is an additional charge for administration of your pet’s medications. If your pet is under the care of another veterinarian for a medical condition we require a copy of the medical records at the time of check in.

Extended Stays - Discounts are available for pets that stay with us longer than 7 days (10%) with additional discounts for pets that stay over 30 days (15%).  

Boarding Requirements

Health of exotic pets can change very quickly so it’s important that regular examinations are performed. Routine health consultations can provide early disease detection and help to ensure proper care and nutrition are being provided to maximize quality of life and longevity. We require all pets boarding with us have an examination at our hospital within 1 year prior to boarding.

Mammal Boarding Requirements

Ferrets must have received both Distemper and Rabies vaccinations prior to boarding. Proof of current vaccinations, if applicable, must be provided at the time of check-in. If your pet's vaccinations are not current or it has been more than one year since your pet has been examined, a doctor's examination will be required at least 1 week prior to boarding and any vaccinations will be administered. Rabbits must be vaccinated for RHDV2 at least 2 weeks before boarding is permitted.

Avian Boarding Requirements

Your pet’s health is in our best interest and we are honored that you trust us to provide care for your pets when you are unable. To provide the best care and to reduce the risk of any adverse health problems occurring associated with our boarding guests, we require our avian boarders to have screening tests for infectious diseases performed. These diseases have been showing up recently in other boarding facilities and we are taking proactive measures to reduce the chances that they occur here. Tests must be performed once prior to boarding and repeated for birds that have exposure to other birds outside the home (boarding at other facilities, grooming other than at our hospital, outdoor cages or aviaries with exposure to wild birds, etc.) between times boarding with us.

Birds can be carriers of diseases without showing any outward signs that may be spread to other birds, animals, and even people. Pets testing positive will have their boarding care provided in other areas of the hospital away from other pets that they could infect. These tests should to be performed at least 1 week in advance of boarding to allow time to get results back. 

  • Bird Boarding Panel 1: Old world species (ex. African greys, cockatoos, lovebirds, lories) - Chlamydia, polyoma, CIrcovirus
  • Bird Boarding Panel 2: New world species (ex. macaws, conures, amazons) - Chlamydia, polyoma, psittacine herpes
  • Bird Boarding Panel 3: Other psittacines, cockatiels, budgies - Chlamydia
  • Bird Boarding Test -Non-psittacines (chickens, finches) - Exam and fecal testing if needed

Reptile Boarding Requirements

All reptiles must have had an examination within a year of boarding and most require a fecal test for parasites. Bearded dragons also require testing for Atadenovirus and Leopard Geckos need to be tested for Cryptosporidium. Ensure all testing is done with enough time to get results back before you plan to board your pet as most tests can take a week or longer once submitted to the laboratory.

Snake Boarding: We will not live feed a rodent to any boarding snake (or any other boarding pet eating live prey other than insects) except if fed pinkies. Owners should feed snakes in the days before boarding and unless they are with us an extended period of time, are unlikley to need to be fed again. We will offer killed prey and even attempt to transition any boarders onto killed prey, but will not feed live.

Please feel free to call or email with any specific questions about our boarding requirements, or if you have a pet not mentioned above.