Why Do I Need a Vet for My Chickens?

Chickens have become popular pets for many reasons.  They are very entertaining, have unique personalities, and are generally easy to handle, even for children.  And it is very exciting to find that first egg from a hen that you've raised since she was a chick!  Many people who keep chickens initially bought them for the sole reason of having a steady supply of fresh, healthy eggs at home.  Then over time (chickens can live to 10 years of age or more!) they become beloved pets and part of the family.  If your chicken becomes ill or injured, we can provide the same quality veterinary care that we do for other pet birds.  

Chickens, like all pets, are susceptible to a variety of diseases, including viral and bacterial respiratory infections, digestive tract infections and disorders, reproductive issues such as retained eggs, and external and internal parasites.  We offer diagnostic testing and treatments for these problems and more.  Other common reasons we see chickens in our practice include bite wounds from dog attacks, bumblefoot infections, and nutritional disorders.  We can also provide advice for proper housing, nutrition, and biosecurity for your flock.

So the answer to the question... Why do I need a vet for my chickens?  Because as with any other pet, health problems with chickens do arise that are best addressed by a licensed veterinarian.  At Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, we are experienced in and enjoy treating chickens.  Dr. Johnson and his family have wheaten Ameraucana hens at home.  We understand that a chicken is not just a chicken, but a special pet that deserves quality care!